The way we see it, the best just got better— through added locations, increased technology, and the fusion of solid banking practices, all served with the same genuine Texas hospitality you’ve grown accustomed to.

And with generations of service behind us, those authentically Texan-friendly, bold, forward-thinking banking practices remain our cornerstone as we move forward. Together.


The best is yet to come—February 2022

Important Documents


  • Will My Account Number Change?

    At this time we do not anticipate any account numbers changing for customers of CNB or HNB. If an account number change is required you will be notified directly.

  • Will I Be Issued A New Debit Card?

    If you are a Hondo National Bank customer you will be issued a new debit card. Along with your new debit card will come instructions on how and when you will need to activate this card to avoid service interruption. Continue monitoring the HNB or CNB webpages along with your statements for additional information.

  • Will My Online Banking Change?

    Starting on February 22, 2022 all bank customers (HNB and CNB) will be directed to the TXN Bank webpage. Here you will have access to online banking. Any changes that will be required for your login credentials will be communicated in the coming months.

  • Will My Bill Pay Items Be Available In The New Online Banking?

    Yes, we anticipate that all HNB Bill Pay information will transfer over with no action required on the part of the customer. CNB customer information will not change.

  • Can I Use Any Branch Location To Conduct My Banking Business?

    Yes! Starting on February 22, 2022 any CNB or HNB customer can use any of the NOW 9 LOCATIONS. Locations are in Hondo (2), Castroville, Lytle, La Coste, Bandera, Blanco, Leakey and Uvalde!

  • Do I Need To Re Order Checks?

    No, continue using your HNB or CNB checks until you run out. All checks with CNB or HNB information on them will continue to be honored. Once you have used all of your existing CNB or HNB checks you can order TXN Bank checks.

  • Do I Need To Change My Direct Deposit?

    We do not anticipate that your direct deposit information will need to change. IF your account number does not change there will be no need to adjust any direct deposit information.

  • Will My Statements Change?

    Yes. Statements will change in appearance only. Beginning in February of 2022 you will start receiving statements from TXN Bank. While they may be different in design, they will continue to be delivered to you by your preferred delivery channel each month.

  • Will Bank Hours Change?

    Yes. Some branch location hours may change.

  • Will The Bank Location Change?

    Yes, eventually the two HONDO locations will consolidate into one physical location. This will not happen right away. Once a location for the future home of TXN Bank, Hondo headquarters has been determined all customers will be notified.

  • Will The Mobile App Change?

    Yes, the mobile app for both HNB and CNB customers will change. On February 22, 2022 all mobile users will need to access the app store and download the free TXN Bank application.

  • Where Do I Go To Stay Up-To-Date On All Changes Regarding The Merger of Community National Bank and Hondo National Bank?

    Stay tuned at both www.cnbanktx.com and www.myhnb.com for up-to-date information and changes that are headed your way.

Nine convenient locations
Hondo (2) Bandera Blanco
Castroville D’Hanis LaCoste
Leakey Lytle Uvalde