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TXN Business Accounts and Loans.

TXN Bank + Professional Lenders = Your Growing Business

At TXN Bank we’re ready to take your business as seriously as you do. We have the experience and expertise to offer the right financing for business real estate, agricultural needs, oil and gas investments, business operating expenses, and more.

Plus, we understand that business loans should never be a one-size-fits-all. Because your business is unique, we’re ready to customize your financing to fit the needs of your company.  

Compare TXN Business Accounts.

Account NameTXN FREE Business CheckingBusiness Interest CheckingCommerical Checking
Opening Deposit$50$50$50
Minimum BalanceN/A$5,000$5,000
Monthly FeeN/A$10 if below ADB$15/month
Account Details* 1,000 FREE monthly transactions.

* Up to $10,000 currency deposited per month FREE
* 1,000 FREE monthly transactions.

* Up to $10,000 currency deposited per month FREE
*Account analysis charges apply.

*Earnings credit allowance on deposit balances may offset activity fees.

* Transaction items $0.15/each

* Coin and currency deposits are $0.50 per $1,000
InterestN/A**Competitive InterestN/A
TXN Proctect
(Overdraft Privilege)
**AMB: Average Daily Balance
** Contact a TXN Bank location for specific rate information. Rates are subject to change.

Hear from Us

“In today’s environment lending has more challenges and red tape than before but nothing is more rewarding than to see a small business start to grow, and ultimately find success.”

Aaron P. – Commercial Lender with 17 years of commitment to community banking